Metal detecting


We each have a White's XLT Spectrum-E series metal detector. Our first detector over 27 years ago was a White's 6000/Di series.

It is rare that we get to detect the beach. Since we are so far inland, old homesites are one of our favorite places to hunt. There is a lot of history wherever you live, and research is an important part of a sucessful outing. It is great fun to dig an old item and research to learn of it's history. Each relic tells a story and 'digging' into the past to find answers is often as much fun as the find itself.

Of course we love to find jewelry! Lake beaches are a good source of jewelry as well as local parks.

Wherever we hunt we always obtain permission and leave no trace of our activity.

We will add more finds as soon as we can photograph them, so check back often.

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